Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So, I've often talked about getting a tattoo someday. It's one of those things that I have always thought would be a cool thing to get and have and all that. A good number of my friends have tattoos -- especially my friends from seminary! One gal, who is now serving as an Episcopalian priest, has a super stylin' tattoo of a dragon on her shoulder blade -- she designed it herself, so it really has a unique look. But, being the "good girl" that everyone says I am, I have never actually gone out and gotten one. Perhaps I have been held back by the fear that my parents would kill me if I ever got one...

I actually tried to tattoo myself when I was in High School, I think... I cut the design with a sterilized safety pin, and then rubbed ink in the wound. Burned like hell! The design - which was a small cross on the top of one of my toes - only lasted for about a week, and you could barely see it anyway. Clearly, I didn't cut deep enough... and I have no intention to ever try that again. If I'm going to get one, I'm going to let the pros do it!

In any case... I have been thinking about getting a tattoo pretty seriously for the last few years. And now, I have even been dreaming about getting one. The dream has been incredibly detailed, and it has been the same dream each of the three times that I've had it. In my dream, I am getting a tattoo of the word "Shalom" (written in Hebrew Script) on my wrist in honor of a particular even that is going to take place (which I won't spell out here, as not to jinx it or whatever). So, I'm fairly certain that there is a visit to a tattoo parlor in my future... although I'm not entirely sure when or where.